Sunday, November 23, 2008

Digital Illustrations and Sketches

The Bridgman studies made me better grasp raw body forms and use this for some illustrations with exaggerated proportions. The first one is the"Tomato Assassin" and the second some kind of jester. The jester was actually done before the assassin.
Now I'm working on some weird master and servant illustration. The sketches on the third pic are actually digital sketches of reference pictures I collected. I picked useful elements and copied them to fill my head with ideas from the real world.

Another Bunch of Life Drawings

It's been some while, now I made myself photgraph some more life drawings. The lighting is due to shooting the pics in the evening under rather bad conditions.

Bridgman and Anatomy Studies

After a lot of time of copying Bridgman drawings I finally found a way to memorize anatomy bit by bit. It's still relatively wacky, but nevertheless much better than my earlier no-ref-drawings. The first pic is filled with Bridgman copies.